John and Eliza Johnston Ferguson came to Canada
from County Down, Ireland about 1841, bringing
6 or 7 children.

John Ferguson married to
a) Eliza Johnston


I Mary married
a) JC Booth
NO CHILDREN (This is the Aunt Mary referred to in the above letter).


II Thomas married
a) Adeline Ferguson She was his first cousin. They had about 15 children born and 10 still surviving in 1947.
No names given they were then living in the Tofield Alberta area.

So far I have just a small amount of information on this branch of the family.
(on March 18, 2010, I recieved an email from a distant cousin named Lois.
She is from the Thomas and Adeline branch of the Clan, and has promised
to update this branch. I am looking forward to this information!)
Below is what I have so far: -April 9, 2010 mla

I William
a) Selina Beebe
(she died)
b) Mary Ann Lynch
I Emily married
a) Robert Seale

I Willie married in Alberta
II Elgin married & had one child lived in Tofield Alberta
a) Bertha?
II Myrtle married her sister's husband after her death
a) Robert Seale
I Marvin (Tofield Alberta)


III Joseph married
a) Elizabeth Talbot
I Albert married had two sons who died in infancy.
In 1947 they were about 75 and lived in South Roxt
on Que
a) Elizabeth Irwin a cousin
II John George (???) moved to the USA no records on him
III Nelson (???) moved to the USA no records on him
IV Lilly married had several children address: Tofield Alberta
a) William Riely
(died RC)


IV John married
a) Mary Jane McWhinnie
I Eliza Jane married but no record of children she was dead in 1947.
a) ?? Picard
II Johnston married moved to Tofield Alberta
a) Annie McCurdy
III John married moved to Alberta no record of wife or children if any.
a) ????
IV Adeline married with children moved to Tofield Alberta
a) William Ferguson V Candace not married Washington DC (1947)
VI Miles Port Arthur Ontario No other info
VII Mary (died)
VIII Charles somewhere in USA No other record
IX Nettie married several children Kamloopo BC
a) George Neil

Annie Boyd ( she is listed as a second wife, but no further mention of her)


V James
a) Clarissa Beebe (half sister to Martha McKerley our g/gg/ggg/ggggramma)
I George
a) Rosa Bareham
I Amy (Mrs. Jas. Ferguson 1947 address: 6988 Wiseman Ave Montreal Canada)
II Arthur Twin to Alfred married
a) Nellie Batten
I George
II Melvin
III Freddie
III Alfred married Twin to Arthur
a) Annie McCaskill address in 1947 8112 Querbes Ave Montreal Que Canada
I Earl
II Jimmie twin to Bruce
III Bruce twin to Jimmie
IV Melvin drowned age 14
II Mary
a) Arthur Bareham

I Pansy
a) Jason King
II Howard
III Edgar
Windsor Ontario IV Kenneth Detroit
III Clara ~ married her cousin
a) Lancelot Booth

I Edith married 4 children and 1 grandchild as of 1947
Ryley Alberta
a) Lester Pepper II Marion married 2 sons 2 grandchildren as oof 1947LANG="0">
a) Harley Purdy
III Mable married 3 sons Waterloo Que
a) Charles LewiS s
IV Donald married Milton Ont.
a) May Furlon
V John
married in 1946 (looks like to another relative)
a) Gladys McKerley Krussel Milton Ontario
VI Douglas Not married yet in 1947
VII Evan not married yet in 1947 served army in Italy and Holland: Milton Ontario

David died age 17
V Hattie died 1915
a) J Wright Irwin
I Muriel married (lady who wrote the 1947 letter to Bergetta Wilson)
a) John W Strom (Swedish)
I Margery b.1939
II Barbara b 1942

II Wilson
III Herbert
a) Edna Bressette
IV Wesley
a) Viola Kenny
I Grahm b.1944
II Dale Ann b.1946

VII Mark Tofield Alberta
a) Ruth Booth
I Gordon married Vancouver BC
a) ?? Gould
II Dorothy Married ???
III Gerald
Rosalind Alberta
IV Marjorie married ???
Alberta Canada?
b) Margaret Stewart
second wife
I Stewart
II Bruce
III Jimmie
Camrose, Alberta Canada
IX Lillie
a) Albert Booth
I Mildred married 2 children
a) William McIntyre
address 1947 11157 96th St. Edmonton Alberta
a) Herbert Swift

X Baby died


VI Margaret married
a) James Irwin (cousin to Clarissa Beebe (James wife)

I John married?
II Lizzie married 2 babies died S Roxton Que.
a) Albert Ferguson
III Isabella
IV James South Roxton Que
V William
Dead 1943


VII Eliza Ann married
a) James Mc Whinnie

I Mary married 2 children
II Eliza
married 1 girl III Edward married 3 children one died
IV Margaret
Not married
V James
married 4 children


VIII David married
a) Alice Watkins
I Wellington died
II Isaac died
III Irvin ???
IV Walter ???
V Cecil ??? Ontario???


Ferguson Clan of Laramie County Wyoming

I William Mathew married
a) Martha McKerley
I Clara b.1870 Abbotford Quebecc d.May 6, 1887

II Eva Winfred
b.March24, 1872 Abbotford Quebec d.May11,1954
a) George Kingham
I Irene married
              a) John Rock
              II Herbert married (served as mayor of Cheyenne Wyoming
              a) Lillian
                     I George
                     II Ethylyn
III Walter ( served as mayor of Casper Wyoming)
              a) Helen
                     I Shelly Ann
                     II Mary Kay
                     III Tommy

III William Wallace
b.June17,1876 Cheyenne Wyoming d.August 2 1935
a) Maude Hammer
              I Carmen
              a) Carl Christiansen
                     I Mary Ellen
                     a) Elroy? Wertz
                     II Johnny
                     III Robert
                     IV Ray
                     V Charles


                   II Mary
              a) Ray Devine
               III Sydney Ann
              a) Alphred Spencer (divorced)
       ;       b) /// Cook (divorced)
              IV Helen
              a) Edward (Pete) Landers

                             I. Patricia
                            a) Jim Hamil

                                    1.) Jamie

                                   2.) Cody

                              II. Monty

                               III. Edward Guy Landers
b. Jan. 13 1954
                                   Married March 22 1974
                            a) Kathleen Redding Sutherland
b. Jan 31 1954

                                    1.) Jedidiah Clayton (Pak) (twin) b. Dec 16 1978

                                   2.) Jeremiah Robert (Coke)
(twin) b. Dec 16 1978
                                   married August 23 2003
                                   a.) Molly Huffman
b. Jan 12 1979
                                                                            1.) Matazi b. March 21 2007

                                                                            2.) Mesa b. December 22 2009
                                                                            3.) Maddi b. March 28 2012

                                   3.) Lydia Rochelle
b. May 13 1982
                                   married August 4 2001
                                   a.) C. Bradly Harless
b. Feb 2 1980

                                   4.) Katie Mae
b. June 18 1985 (Miss Frontier 2007)
                                   married Married Dec 21 2007
                                   a.) Ben Nemetz

                                                                            1.) Joshua Tel b. June 5 2008

              V William Wallace
              a) first wife (married very briefly divorced)
              b) Ethyl
                     I Step child I. Linda
IV Hattie Maud
b. March 1878 Cheyenne Wyoming d.March1878

V Walter Chester
b. May 14, 1879 Cheyenne, Wyoming d.November 10,1963
a) Julia Margaret Willadsen
I Mark b.October 1915 d.1915
              II Martin Wesley
b. February 7, 1916
              a) Evelyn Rose Jobe
I. Christine
                               II. Julia
                            III. Wesley

b) Gladys Ermina
Step children
                                          I. Jack
                                          II. Jim
                                          III. Lela
                                          IV. Connie
III Martha Bernetta b. July 28, 1918 d. July 1997
       ;       a) John Henry Salsbury (Dorothy Salsbury's brother)
b.July 4, ????   d. 1965?
                            I. Frederick Vincent
                            II. Judith Marie
  IV Bergetta Margaret b. January 2, 1920 d. 1990?
              a) George Anderson Wilson
b.1924? d. 1968?
I. Samuel b. 1949? d. 2003
                            II. Maurius b.  1957?

III. Julia Ann b. 1959?

              V Walter Chester Jr. b. February 23, 1924 d. December 29, 1996   His Story  
His Ranch
              married July 14, 1943
              a) Dorothy Eileen Salsbury
b. May 4, 1925   Her Story

                             I. Walter Chester III (Bus) b.October 9, 1944
                            married November16,1985
                            a) Kimberly Jane Clark
b. September 16, 1954
                                   1.) William Mathew b.September 27, 1990 (A)
                                   2.) Sarah Louise
b. August 11, 1994 (A)

                            II. Kathryn Dianne b.June 12, 1946
                            married June 12, 1966
                            a) Frank Christopher Cooper
b. November 22, 1942
1.)Shelley Kathryn b. November 30, 1969   
                                   2.)James Christopher b.July 30, 1972
                                   a) Heather Lee Banville
b.April 6, 1973
                                                  1.) Tyler James b. August 17, 1995
                                                2.) Riley Christopher
b.October 29, 2000
                                                3.) Alexander Maxwell b.May 29, 2008
                                   3.) Ashley Elizabeth
b. April 7, 1979
                                      a) Benjamin David Winters

                                                                            1.) Cooper Benjamin b. October 19, 2007
  2.) Dagny b. DATE, 20??
  3.) Ender b. DATE?

                              III. Charles Mark (Chuck)
b.February 21, 1948
                                  married November 15, 1975,
                              a) Angela Michelle Huber
b. July 3, 1953

                                   1.) Daniel Mark
b. May 10, 1977

                                   2.) Eileen Michelle
b. August 8, 1979
                                   a) Bryan Cushing

                                                                            1) John Henry (Hank)b. ?

                                   3.) Betsy Marie
b. August 17, 1981
                                   a) Shawn Cushing (Brother to Brian)

                                                                            1.) Amy b. DATE?
  2.)Emily b. DATE?
  3.) April Marie b. May 11, 2020, 2007
  4. ) Molly Ann b. May 11, 2020
                                   4.) Ben Walter
b. August 30, 1983

                                   5.) Andrew Michael
b. July 27, 1986

                              Iv. Thomas Paul
b. October 14, 1951

                               V. Mary Louise (Marylou) b.June 14, 1953
                               married September14, 1974
                               a) Fredrick Terrell Anderson (Terry)
b. April 26,1949

                                    1.) Mark Allen b. December 4, 1975
                                   married May 15, 2004 Their Wedding album
                                   a) Jordan Celon Middleton
b. June 14, 1982
                                                                            1.)Caedmon Middleton b. October 4, 2006
  2.) Iain b./d. April 5, 2008
  3.) Caithness Maelab. April 11, 2009
  4.) Aberdeen Daye b. April 10, 2011
  5.) Airdrie Abileen b. October 24, 2013,
  6.) Stirling b. April 12, 2017
                                   2.) Matthew Terrell
b. January 5, 1978
                                   married July 29, 2000,
                                   a) Chandra Kerstin Vogal
b. February 9,1979
  1.) Noah Matthew b. August 11, 2001
  2.) Isaiah Robert b. July 5, 2003
  3.) Abijaih Saul b./d./ Jan 12 2007
  4.) Nehemiah Walter b. January 21, 2008
  4.) Isrealb./d.May 18, 2009
  6.) Moriah Jael b.March 28, 2011
  7.) Judah b.December 1, 2012
                                   3.) Luke Arron
August 20, 1979
                                   married March 29,2003
                                   a) Amanda Sue Stafford
November 9, 1981
  1.) Asher Kincaid Feb 17, 2004
  2.) Levi Arron b. June 22, 2005
  3.) Addie Sue b. January 18, 2008
  4.) Abram James b. December 7. 2011

                                   4.) John Walter
b. June 26, 1981
married April 22, 2006
                                   a) Molly Louise Young
September 14, 1978
  1.) Isaac Walter b. August 20, 2000,
  2.) Grace Louise Boyster b. October 9, 2004
  3.) Jude Allen b. June 22, 2008

                                   5.) Micah David
b. March 14, 1983

                                   married July 9, 2005
                                   a) Nicole Camile Dill
March 4, 1983
  1.) Micaiah Camile b. July 9, 2006
  2.) Nicolae Judah b.May 2,2008

                                   6.)Kristi Eileen
b. June 4, 1985

                                   married July 9, 2005
                                  a) Christopher Lehnhoff
Date? 1990
                                                                            1.) Dani Lou b.June 12,2017
  2.) Charlotte Marie b. February 11, 2019

                                   7.)Joshua Lee
b. May 3, 1987

                                   8.) Josh James

VI Edwin Louis
b. January 9, 1883 Cheyenne Wyoming d. ???
a) Bertie Jennings
              a) Mona
              Dick (Edwin Louis II)
              a) Gladys
Luanne married
                            a) Can't remember name (Died)
                            b) Can't remember name
                            a) Charlie
                            Edwin Louis III
                            a) Ruth (divorced, then remarried after Chris)
                            b) Chris(divorced)

              Jessie ??

VII Maude
b. February 14, 1884 Cheyenne Wyoming d. August 24,1926
a) James Morton

VIII Everett Elwood
b.January 4, 1887 Cheyenne Wyoming d. October 12, 1971
a) Myrel Kathryn Garrett

IX Wesley Wyoming
b, May 13, 1890 Cheyenne d. April 15 1907


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