Here is a letter to Bergetta Wilson dated 1947.
It is from Mrs. John Strom. This is where I got the Tree information. 

Granby, Que
Jan. 19, 1947
Dear Bergetta,
I have not heard from you for such a long time, but you will see you gave me a rather large order when you wrote me nearly two years ago. I could not have told you about so many of our people at once as I had to ask Mother and Aunt Clara about them and then I also went and called on an aunt of some of the cousins and she helped me fill in a few names.
Last Sunday afternoon I got out what notes I had and started to put it down in some form, and when I had it finished, I decided it was really very incomplete and think I shall write myself, to some of the cousins in Alberta and try to get a more complete list of cousins. Aunt Clara and all her boys moved to Milton, Ontario last year and John that used to live on a homestead in Alberta gave it up and went into the Army in Canada for a while, last July he married Gladys, your uncle David's daughter, she had been a widow for years, has two children, and two grandchildren. She is ten years older than he. John is 42. I always know his age as he is just a year younger than I am.
If you see your Uncle Everett ask him if he remembers me. I can remember playing with him when I was about 8 years old, but I don't know if I saw your grandmother or not. If she were still alive, she would know just about where our house stands, as we built a house on a hill on the rd. between Granby and Abbotsford about 4 or 5 miles from the spot where our grandmothers were born. The buildings are gone now but it is easy to find the place if you ever come to visit us we can show you the spot.

It is too bad that Irene and her husband did not stay a few days when they came so far or have brought someone else with them
Mother finally has Aunt Mary's business all settles and things did not turn out as Aunt Mary expected. You see she made her will some years ago and as she got
older spent less on clothes etc. Besides was rather tight never gave anything towards gas for a drive etc. So in that way had more money to leave behind. Well, she always wanted Martha's and David's children to have so much, and Mother and Aunt Clara as we all had to do so much for her but the others in Ottawa, Windsor Ont. and the West came out with more than she ever intended as they got the Balance divided equally among the survivors also 3 or 4 of the nephews died before she did.
Just let me know all the news when you write and I'll try to answer all the news when you write and I'll try to answer more promptly.

Your Cousin.
Muriel Strom Stro(m?)
PS about the other Fergusons they may not be related in Montreal there is about a page of them in the phone directory not related to us. Mother had a letter from Mary Devine, I believe the name was misspelled also the street. My mother is not very well, has high blood pressure. I try to do her washing every week I live about 3 miles from her.

I really know more about the Wallace family and the Irwins as they are both
related twice to us. Mother says the Fergusons were called Scotch Irish. The great grandmother was about the neatest person known. When they came from
Ireland they had to do their own cooking in the ship and the captain always let the great-grandmother put here pot on first as she had such a big family, just as they were about to board ship Margaret then about 3 - 5 years old got into a bad temper and jumped and danced and threw herself in the mud, so you see kids were kids in those days too. They spent the first winter in Sorel north of here in the St. Lawrence and Eliza Ann was born there.
John and Eliza Johnston Ferguson Came to Canada from County Down, Ireland about 1841, bringing several (6 or 7) children.


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